Science Lab Club

The students of school lab club have started the festive season with a Christmas tree, celebrating all things science. Their project has included some of the traditional aspects of science including; photosynthesis of pond weed, a magnet used as a compass and the pH scale. The tree has been brought into the 21st century with ferro-fluid, a magnetic fluid that behaves in amazing ways along with aqua-beads that absorb water to become invisible to detect. My thanks to Mrs Horman and the Science Technicians for their support.

Christmas Market

What a fantastic Christmas Market we had last night. Thank you to everyone who helped plan and run the event as well as everyone who came to support and help on the night. We hope you all had fun!

Sport Update

Well done to our Year 7 rugby team who won against Broadstone Middle this week with a score of 30-25 points.
Well done to our 6th form rugby team who played really well against Purbeck – The score was 24-17 to Purbeck. Our POM was George Lukcas.
Well Done to our Year 10 netball team who played against QE, it was a close match but QE won by 1 goal.
Well Done to our Year 9 netball team who played reall well against QE – Well Done to QE for winning the match.

Freedom Coach

Due to the Blandford Rd roadworks working ahead of schedule, the Route 40 Freedom coach will now revert back to it’s normal route, travelling down Coles Avenue and Lake Road. However, please be aware that due to the bus stop outside the Co-Op being out of action, the stop is around the corner on Coles Avenue. Thank you all for your patience during the roadworks.

Bryanston Trip

Dr Gavin Hesketh from UCL identified that we are at a major turning point in Physics. His work and that of his colleagues at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN hasn’t found anything new since the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 and as such both practical and theoretical physicists stand ready to find new physics, it’s just that nobody is sure what to expect!

Our Sixth Form students were able to ask questions and develop their understanding at another fantastic Bryanston Science Society lecture. Thank you Miss Horman for attending as supporting staff. The next lecture will be in the new year with the title of ‘Adventures in the outer solar system’.

Great Debate 2018

St Edward’s are delighted to be hosting the Dorset regional heat of the Historical Association’s Great Debate 2018, on Tuesday 21st November @ 5pm. The winner will be speaking in the Houses of Parliament in March next year.