Relay Competition

Last week we hosted a Relay competition against Broadstone Middle School. A massive well done to our Year 7 team who won and a massive well done to the Year 8 Broadstone Middle School team who also won. Due to points, we won the overall event with some excellent performances.

KS3 Graduation

We will be having a KS3 Graduation event at 7pm on Thursday 21st June to celebrate the achievements of our Year 9 students, before they move into Year 10. We look forward to seeing these students with their parents and carers at this event!

Art Trip

Year 10 and 12 Art students visited Roche Court Educational Trust on Friday, to take part in artwork discussions which support the written element of their GCSE and A level courses. Students were able to develop their art language and analysis skills.

Year 8 Retreat

Half of Year 8 is off to St. Clement’s Church today for a Retreat Day. Students will be getting involved in workshops to explore the theme of “What are your Foundations”, and will take part in prayer, worship and reflection to look at the foundations they have in their lives and those of the church.
The remaining half of the year group will be going on the 25th June, so we hope they have a great day too!

Year 9 Retreat

Half of Year 9 went to St. Clement’s Church last week for a Retreat Day. Students took part in workshops to explore the theme of ‘Finding God in the Everyday’, and enjoyed worship, prayer and reflection, asking themselves questions such as:
How do you see God?
How do you see yourself?
Where is God in your everyday life?
What is our purpose?
The remaining half of the year group will be going on the 22nd June, so we hope they have a great day too!

Geography Trip

Year 11 GCSE Geographers visited Lulworth Cove and Stair Hole as part of a physical geography investigation last week, exploring the distinctive landforms on the Jurassic Coast. They were very fortunate to enjoy a day blessed with sunshine, that showed off the coastline most spectacularly.

Parliament Trip

Students had a great time at the ‘laws and debating’ workshop whilst on their Houses of Parliament trip yesterday.